My site has no styles / looks broken

If your site looks like the following then your site URL probably wasn't entered correctly:

Broken installation

To fix this edit the inc/settings.php file and find the $settings['bburl'] line.

Change the value to the correct URL, such as $settings['bburl'] = ""; to $settings['bburl'] = "";.

Next, log into your Admin Control Panel > Configuration > General Configuration and update your Board URL here too.

My Admin CP has no styles / looks broken

If it is only your AdminCP that looks like such and you have changed the directory name for it (from /admin to something else, for example /panel) then you should also apply the change in the inc/config.php file.

To fix this edit the inc/config.php file and find the $config['admin_dir'] line and change the value to the directory name of the admin directory, such as $config['admin_dir'] = 'admin'; to $config['admin_dir'] = 'panel';

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