Cookies are important in MyBB to identify and verify logged-in users, and store inline-moderation selections. Incorrect cookie settings are the leading cause of login/logout problems on forums. If you or your users are having problems logging into the Front End of your board, see if the cookie settings are the culprit before posting your support request on the forum.

MyBB has three inherent settings related to cookies:

  • Cookie Domain
  • Cookie Path
  • Cookie Prefix

This is the domain or subdomain that contains your forum. Usually a period/dot (".") is placed in front of this domain/subdomain in order to include all of its subdomains

This is the path from the root of your domain to your forum directory. The starting slash and ending slash should be included.

This is a prefix to all cookies used by your forum, to further prevent any conflicts with other installations of MyBB on the same domain or conflicts with other softwares.


Forum URL Cookie Domain Cookie Path / /directory/ / /directory/

The following is a list of the cookies that MyBB sets, and a note about each one:

Stores the number of ACP login attempts a user has had.
Stores the current admin's Admin Session ID.
Stores the number of login attempts a user has had.
The mybb cookie is actually an array of cookies:
This cookie stores the last time of visit in the UNIX timestamp format.
This cookie stores the last time that a forum page has been loaded, in the UNIX timestamp format.
This cookie stores the login information for the Front End, and is set when a user logs in, and is removed when the user logs out. The UID and the login key are stored in this cookie.
This cookie keeps track of which categories and boxes have been collapsed (as opposed to being expanded by default).
There are two kinds of inline moderating cookies: forum and thread and they are named as follows:
  • inlinemod_forumfid
  • inlinemod_threadtid
fid is replaced with the forum ID and tid is replaced with the thread ID. The contents are a pipe-delimited and pipe-enclosed list of thread IDs or post IDs which have been checked for inline moderation.
The current user's Session ID.

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